Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's Friday, Friday! - It's not actually Friday.

For the past few months, mostly every Friday, a friend and I get together and cook something awesome for our friends. To add a bit of variety to my blog, I'll start writing about every Friday night dinner. This week we're on hiatus so look for it next week. For now I'll try to remember what we've done so far...

- 'Orange you glad' Chocolate Cupcakes. (These cupcakes entered a competition.)
- Chili (She didn't trust me to add beer, but it worked.)
- Herb Breaded Fish
- Paella (Best Ever!)
- Beer Can Chicken (Thanks Uncle Don!)
- Many others I can't remember!
- Tons of amazing side dishes provided by everybody over the weeks.

Most recently we had some Turkey Sloppy Joes, from Rachel Ray. My friend is usually the one to look up a recipe as she has a plethora of cookbooks. What do you call a group of books anyway? Like the way lions are called a pride? A library? If you were so inclined to click on the recipe link,  take note that this recipe was written for children. How ironic, though explaining how it's ironic may take away any semblance of irony that it may have once had. It was simple, quick, delicious and moderately healthy with the substitution of turkey.

You'll never guess what's coming next week! ...I never can.

Tomorrow is Saturday