Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Joy of Baking Nanaimo Bars

I've been baking a lot. What does that mean? Maybe it's because I keep looking at the pictures on www.joyofbaking.com and I get inspired. 

My wife's favourite dessert EVER is the Nanaimo Bar. I saw a recipe on joyofbaking.com and figured that they couldn't be that hard to make and it turns out they merely require a lot of waiting in between steps which makes the process seem longer.

The Nanaimo Bar is named after the city of Nanaimo, British Columbia but was apparently invented in a town south of Nanaimo called Ladysmith on Vancouver Island in the 1950s. They were sold in Nanaimo though, and tourists from the US would refer to them as Nanaimo Bars (oh those clever tourists). This is all according to the Nanaimo Bar Wiki article, so take what you will. I also knew that there was a peanut butter flavour of Nanaimo bar but my wife did not think so. 

These bars aren't anything super fancy, they all generally consist of a graham cracker/chocolatey crust, a sweet yellow custard/icing centre and topped with melted semi-sweet chocolate. If that isn't really selling them then remember that I'm not a dessert guy and I do think that they are pretty good, so that's something.

Two ingredients for the crust: Walnuts and Coconut
I changed nothing in the recipe except for the fact that I used an 8x8 pan, since I just learned we don't have a 9x9 pan. My bars ended up being extra thick! So please check out the Joy of Baking's Nanaimo Bar recipe!

The crust.
The crust with custard on top.
Nanaimo bars in hangin' in the kitchen.
joy to the fishes