Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ninja Cupcakes Recipe by Eunji

She's done it again. She did it before.
The suspense...
So what did she make this time? It all began with our student council deciding to have a Kells' Kitchen Dessert bake off. It actually all began when I decided to put a twist on one of the suggestions for a new 'Kraft Dinner eating competition' (ugh) which was spun into a cooking competition. Students would submit their bestest desserts and we would have certain teachers judge. We even came up with a prize and everything!

There was quite a bit of excitement surrounding this idea and I brought my camera to take pictures of all the lovely desserts on the day of the event (Today!). Well, whether it be being busy, forgetful or what have you, only one student remembered to bring baked goods and it was of course the ever talented Eunji. When I saw her, she said that she needed to explain the symbolism behind her dessert, Ninja Cupcakes. 

The story of Ninja Cupcakes evolved somehow this year during a student council meeting where one of my colleagues demanded that Eunji bake this mysterious dessert. She told me it took her 4 hours of work, and she had come to school with 6 cupcakes, enough for the 5 judges though I sure hope she had some more left at home. So, I owe it to her to explain the symbolism behind the cupcake.

So there they are.

As you can see, it is a ninja. Chocolate chip eyes, coconut flaked eye mask thing.

There is a purpose to this. It is to reveal the...
 Blood inside the ninja! Which unfortunately turned bright pink, much like my very own red velvet cheesecake! Oh Eunji, you and I are not that different.

Ninja Cupcake recipe, using two recipes with slight modifications!

So how does one create lovely little Ninja Cupcakes? First, one makes Black Bottom Cupcakes from Joy Of Baking. 

However, add a bottle of red food colouring to the cream cheese filling and then pipe it inside the chocolate cake batter. Bake as per the recipe. Meanwhile, start whipping up the ganache frosting from the Food Network, which adds a beautiful shiny finish to the cupcake while also tasting amazing. Let the cupcakes cool then frost them. Top it all off with two chocolate chips (or candy of choice) for eyes and cover with a strip of coconut flakes. 

Here is a picture of me examining the cupcake from every angle and being as critical as possible...
Of course, all joking aside, how awesomely creative was this idea? I just googled 'ninja cupcakes' and didn't find anything (on the first page) so that is wicked awesome. I had originally made a sheet for judging (that became somewhat obsolete) which included texture, appearance, flavour and creativity. Although I never filled out the sheet, the cupcake was moist and clearly looked super cute. The flavour was a perfect combination with the sugary sweet cream cheese filling that worked nicely with the semi-sweet chocolate ganache frosting. 

Our baking champion! (Yes, we all realize by default, but  I
don't think I could've topped this...)
It's moments like these when teaching is all worth it.